O C F I T B L O G Legal Morning Docket: 03.20.24

Morning Docket: 03.20.24

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* Trump claims meeting bond requirement would require selling off real estate at “fire sale prices.” In other words, “at the values he reported to tax authorities. [Yahoo]

* Supreme Court can’t figure out which stay is a stay and so now some people can’t stay. [Slate]

* Remember the Arizona lawmaker who said an anonymous Supreme Court justice told a bunch of law students that Justice O’Connor was “the worst thing to happen to the Supreme Court”? Here’s the deep dive investigation into which indecorous justice might’ve said that. [Balls and Strikes]

* Biglaw partner would like the IRS to please tell him how it plans to catch tax cheats going forward. And the mob would also like to know in advance which phones the FBI might be interested in tapping. [American Lawyer]

* Subway franchisees want you to eat fresh… less excited about fresh decor. Brings on lawyers to push back. [Corporate Counsel]

* Trump asks Supreme Court for absolute immunity because it’s impossible to be president without a little overt criminal activity. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Conservatives beg courts to save the whales (as long as saving those whales blocks renewable energy projects). [Law360]

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