O C F I T B L O G Legal Morning Docket: 03.21.24

Morning Docket: 03.21.24

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* After all the cynical gamesplaying over the precise limits of when a stay becomes a stay, the Fifth Circuit dissolved the phony stay and decided to hear argument on a real stay. Got all that? [Reuters]

* Law.com names the dealmakers of the year. Which one negotiated the idea of opening Barbie and Oppenheimer on the same day? [Law.com]

* Law360 editorial staff walks off job amid ongoing labor issues. [LinkedIn]

* Chasing the White House, Republicans call for raising the Social Security retirement age. Way to put your finger on the pulse of America. [Bloomberg Law News]

* Why are public lawyers defending a private civil suit against Eric Adams? It’s like the Trump administration yet somehow more bumbling. [The City]

* Firms with expiring leases more likely to relocate. Which makes sense in a hyrbid world. What made less sense is how many expanded their footprint (read: “overhead”) anyway. [American Lawyer]

* Julian Assange negotiating guilty plea with DOJ. I wonder who leaked this one? [WSJ]

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