O C F I T B L O G Legal Morning Docket: 03.22.24

Morning Docket: 03.22.24

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* Tennessee passes first law protecting musicians from AI. Now Nashville doesn’t have to compete with some robot going “I love trucks and drink beer and hate migrants” all played over the same stupid chord progression. [Reuters]

* Remember: it’s NOT improper forum shopping to file cases in one-judge districts so you can 100% choose a judge with zero contacts to the underlying dispute but it IS sanctionable to embrace random assignment but modify your claims. [NBC]

* Lewis Brisbois sued for bias. How could something like that have happened at… oh wait. [ABA Journal]

* Look who finally turned themselves in. [Detroit News]

* Republican donors might be the top litigation financiers in the country. [Yahoo]

* Joe Manchin announces that he’s a feckless bigot and somehow this is treated as “news.” I know he fancies himself a high priced lobbyist but… why? One side doesn’t trust him and the other side played him as a rube. A lobbying firm that hands him a penny after he retires is just wildly mismanaged. [Bloomberg Law News]

* How is Biglaw laying people off when these MoFos are making money?!?! [American Lawyer]

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